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    Kristina Azarenko the Author of the SEO Challenge course

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    ‘What do I need to know to succeed in SEO?’

    Hey Friend, Kristina Azarenko here.

    For the past 10 years, I’ve been working as an SEO practitioner. I saw the industry changing, completely new fields (and skills!) forming, and old areas (and skills!) disappearing.

    I’ve worked at SEO agencies, as an in-house SEO and as an individual consultant. I hired SEOs and evaluated their performance.

    I put all this knowledge together and now I’m sharing a FREE list of the SEO skills that can make or break your SEO career so you won’t need to guess again.

    Whether you’re just starting or have been in the industry for a while and want to know where you’re standing among others, this checklist will help you. It lists 24 core SEO skills that every SEO practitioner needs to know to earn good money. 

    The skills are divided into 3 parts:

    • SEO Hard skills – WHAT you need to do
    • SEO Soft skills – HOW you should approach it to succeed
    • SEO Tools – WHICH instruments to use

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