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    SEO Skills Checklist by Kristina Azarenko

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    Who Needs This Free SEO Skills Checklist?

    SEO Professionals

    You will see where you stand and if there are any gaps in your SEO knowledge you need to fill in.

    SEO Interns, Students

    You will see what you need to know to find a full-time SEO job, pass a probation period and skyrocket your career in SEO.

    Digital Marketers

    You will better understand what SEO is and maybe even follow this career path one day.

    ‘What do I need to know to succeed in SEO?’

    Hey Friend, Kristina Azarenko here.

    For the past 10 years, I’ve been working as an SEO practitioner. I saw the industry changing, completely new fields (and skills!) forming, and old areas (and skills!) disappearing.

    I’ve worked at SEO agencies, as an in-house SEO and as an individual consultant. I hired SEOs and evaluated their performance.

    I put all this knowledge together and now I’m sharing a FREE list of the SEO skills so you won’t need to guess what you need to learn. Instead, you’ll know exactly what to concentrate on.

    Whether you’re just starting or have been in the industry for a while and want to know where you’re standing among others, this Checklist will help you. It lists 24 core SEO skills that every SEO practitioner needs to know to earn good money.

    Clear Explanations

    I explain what each SEO skill means and why it matters so that you have clarity.

    Hard and Soft Skills

    Hard SEO skills are great. But they’re not enough to succeed. So I added a list of soft skills as well.

    SEO Tools

    What are the most important SEO tools you need to know? The Checklist covers them.

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    SEO Challenge by Kristina Azarenko

    ‘But I Can Just Ask Others!’

    You definitely can. But here’s a thing: the answer will depend on who you ask.

    • If you ask a link builder, what’s the most important SEO skill, they’ll answer – link building.
    • If you ask a content marketer, what’s the most important SEO skill, they’ll answer – content and keywords. 
    • If you ask technical SEO, what’s the most important SEO skill, they’ll answer – technical SEO.

    In reality, all these skills are important.

    But there are also so many more of them! And this free checklist gives you a bird’s eye view of what’s really important to learn to be great at SEO.

    The skills in the Checklist are divided into 3 parts:

    SEO Hard skills

    WHAT you need to do

    SEO Soft skills

    HOW you should approach it to succeed

    SEO Tools

    WHICH instruments to use

    It Doesn’t Matter Where You’re At Right Now

    Maybe you’re considering a job switch.

    Or you’re at a point where you’re ready to uplevel your SEO game.

    Or you want to make sure you’re staying competitive while SEO is constantly evolving.

    No matter where you’re at right now, the SEO Skills Checklist will help you understand your possible career growth path better. Based on what you’ll see there, you can create a roadmap to your career goal. It’s like the first domino that knocks out all other ones and leads to the final destination – your goal.

    Each skill has an explanation so that you’ll get full clarity of what the skills mean.

    Once you fill in the form, you will get an email asking you to confirm your subscription. You’ll need to click ‘Confirm subscription’ from that email.

    Once this is done, you’ll get the confirmation email with a link to your free checklist. It’s very easy and takes just 1 minute.

    Who is Kristina Azarenko?

    Kristina Azarenko's picture

    • An SEO professional with 10 years of hands-on experience.
    • Named one of the 13 women shaping the SEO industry 
    • A teacher by education. I don’t just show you that I can do SEO. I teach you so that you can do SEO yourself.
    • A contributor at SEMrush, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, HotJar,
    • A speaker at the Women in Tech SEO Festival, BrightonSEO eCommerce Summit, Turn DiGi Conference and other marketing events.
    • An SEO educator with 21,000+ followers across social media platforms
    • Creator of the legendary SEO Pro extension
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