Incredible results for Aman after the SEO Challenge

Aman exponentially increased site traffic, trained his team in technical SEO and became a go-to SEO expert within his company! 

The SEO Challenge course allowed Aman to find the guidance he needed to be successful as an SEO Analyst in his company.
He was able to apply learnings and get results very quickly. He optimized his company’s site and within a few weeks after joining the SEO Challenge course, managed to increase the number of clicks by 66.7%.

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Aman Saxena

SEO Analyst


I now have this confidence I was lacking before. I am able to perform above the expectations as an SEO Analyst and showcase my results.
I have been following Kristina on social media. Kristina is very open and helpful, she also explains very well. Her course is very well-structured, it is totally worth it.

Aman’s path to success!

SEO Challenge

Aman tried to learn SEO on his own, reading blogs and watching videos. However, he was never sure what he was hearing was true or accurate.

Before taking the course, Aman was already working in the SEO field but was crucially lacking confidence. He was putting a lot of effort into his job, but wasn’t able to showcase any results to his company.

This was due to his lack of confidence and not being sure how SEO related tasks are done accurately. Aman also never had the chance to be trained or mentored by an SEO expert.

SEO Challenge

Since joining the SEO Challenge, Aman has been feeling empowered and very excited about all the learnings he got from the class. Right after the start of the course, he felt relieved as he knew he was in good hands.

Aman has been able to apply what he learned immediately. He applied the technical SEO and content optimization he learned from the class. He also introduced and trained his team in technical SEO, which was an instant value multiplier.

He is now able to perform his role with confidence and provide his manager with key SEO results and deeper analytics reporting. He is the main SEO person and go-to expert within his company.

Aman’s Results

Screenshot from Google Search Console showing great results after taking the SEO Challenge Course by Kristina Azarenko

“Another thing that helped me was looking for outdated content and optimising it”.

Aman Saxena

Aman Saxena's headshot

It is the perfect course for anyone who wants to get started in SEO or those who want to take their SEO knowledge to the next level.

Aman Saxena, SEO Analyst

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Other SEO Challenge Success Stories

Mike McPeak's headshot

Mike McPeak

Performance Marketing Director

It was real-world examples that Kristina presented. As well as my cohort in the Slack channel, they would come in and ask questions about their businesses and what they were trying to accomplish. Having that community was huge.

Oleksandra's headshot

Oleksandra Lazarchuk

Account and Project Manager

The energy is empowering that Kristina’s is bringing in, maybe doesn’t give you 100% confidence. But it gives you hints on how you should think and which direction you should go. And that’s really great. She really supports you with a lot of answers