Incredible results for Carmen after the SEO Challenge

Carmen landed a new high-level job in International E-commerce SEO! 

The course gave Carmen the confidence boost she needed to execute strategies and SEO processes in her current agency position. Carmen took what she learned in the challenge and was able to apply it to her employer’s e-commerce clients, which she wouldn’t have been able to do confidently without the SEO Challenge. Carmen is excited to start her new position in International SEO E-commerce!

SEO Challenge student: Carmen Dominguez

Carmen Dominguez

International Digital Marketing, Search Laboratory


If you do it the way Kristina guides you in the course, it will be intense, but you learned a lot. And you’ll be able to look at SEO from a different perspective; I think I managed to see it with different eyes. It was intense, but it was also super valuable and is worth the money.

Carmen’s path to her new job!

SEO Challenge

Carmen led her international digital PR team doing basic SEO strategy and implementing it using mostly On-Page SEO before the course. Navigating technical SEO seemed very difficult to her.

With an abundance of resources on the internet, Carmen was looking for a way to make sense of the technical aspect of SEO as she did have SEO skills but needed the right step-by-step processes to get the job done with confidence. 

SEO Challenge

Carmen has passed on what she has learned in the course to her team. They’ve seen improvement from the team but most importantly in their confidence when making decisions for their clients (and building trust with clients using the right SEO knowledge is priceless) The course gave her the technical SEO knowledge boost she was looking for, and she now can understand the small elements that make a massive difference and impact for their clients!

When Carmen didn’t have much experience in e-commerce and her agency brought on a new e-commerce client, she could execute her skills from the course easily, which she may not be able to do as confidently without the resources inside the SEO Challenge.

Carmen’s main goal was to land a new position. Using the education she had learned and her current work experiences, she was able to achieve her goal of landing the job!

Carmen SEO Challenge

Carmen’s Results

“Capture of the increase of keywords after I implemented the meta: the way the course taught us”.

Carmen Dominguez

There are lots of people out there that think they know SEO, including myself, that after doing the course they will realize how little they knew. A lot of people would benefit from it.

Carmen Dominguez, International Digital Marketing in Search Laboratory

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Other SEO Challenge Success Stories

Mike McPeak

Performance Marketing Director

It was real-world examples that Kristina presented. As well as my cohort in the Slack channel, they would come in and ask questions about their businesses and what they were trying to accomplish. Having that community was huge.

Tanya Vyonh

Junior SEO specialist

All the processes, tools, checklists and templates are gems! They are the ones that I’ve been using at work after completing the course. Kristina is AMAZING – she is a respected expert in the SEO field, and she came from a teaching background.