Incredible results for Helene after the SEO Challenge

Helene’s life changed. She acquired new SEO clients and is launching her own agency! 

The SEO Challenge changed Helene’s life. She acquired three new SEO clients and will be launching her own agency in the next few months!
The course gave Helene the confidence and technical knowledge she was missing to then reach out to potential clients without fear, speak at an SEO conference and launch her own business.

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Helene Jelenc

SEO & Content Marketing Specialist and Freelancer


The SEO Challenge course changed my life, from acquiring new clients, speaking at an SEO conference to launching my agency. I am now able to take those steps, talk about SEO to non-SEO persons with empowerment, I just go for it.
I thought I knew how to use Google Search Console but I didn’t. It is an incredible free tool that I am using for every single client. The course is very well-structured and thorough, it is totally worth the time and money!

Helene’s path to her new life!

SEO Challenge

Helene learned on-page SEO by herself joining forums, conferences and social media groups. She was mainly applying best SEO practices while writing her posts for her travel blog. However, she felt she was missing a lot of SEO knowledge, especially technical SEO. She wasn’t confident about her SEO skills, she was lost and didn’t know the next steps to take.

Due to the lack of SEO knowledge, she was suffering from the imposter syndrome and this was preventing her from taking the next steps in her professional career.

She was looking for a solution offering integrated SEO training with a structured format, as well as access to SEO technical tools.

SEO Challenge

Thanks to the SEO Challenge course, Helene now has the full SEO skill set she was looking for. This gave her the confidence to look for clients, by being active and reaching out. Towards the end of the course, she even acquired her first client that set her in charge of their entire SEO process. She was able to acquire two additional clients right after the course.

Technical SEO is what Helene was lacking the most and she is now able to diagnose technical issues very quickly. She could immediately apply learnings to help clients with redirect issues or having two Google Analytics accounts.

The measure SEO section and Google Search Console particularly surprised her and gave her a whole new wealth of knowledge that is benefiting each of her clients.

She felt empowered, spoke at an SEO conference and also landed a mentor from Women in Tech SEO Community recommended by Kristina. Both experiences were very valuable to Helene’s growth.

In a few months, Helene will complete the piece that was missing in her professional career that the SEO Challenge course helped her achieve – launching her own marketing agency, focusing on SEO and content marketing.

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Helene’s Results

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“This local business went from page 2 to the local pack thanks to things I learned in the SEO Challenge about optimizing pages and building online citations.”

Helene Jelenc

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“Knowing the ins and outs of Search Console, I was able to capitalize on pages just off the first page and boost them to the top 3-5 spots.”

Helene Jelenc

Helene Jelenc' headshot

The SEO Challenge course gave me the confidence to stand up and achieve my dreams, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to completely change my life!

Helene Jelenc, SEO & Content Marketing Specialist and Freelancer

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Mike McPeak

Performance Marketing Director

It was real-world examples that Kristina presented. As well as my cohort in the Slack channel, they would come in and ask questions about their businesses and what they were trying to accomplish. Having that community was huge.

Tanya Vyonh

Junior SEO specialist

All the processes, tools, checklists and templates are gems! They are the ones that I’ve been using at work after completing the course. Kristina is AMAZING – she is a respected expert in the SEO field, and she came from a teaching background.