Incredible results for Jackson after the SEO Challenge

Jackson became an SEO manager moving from sales quicker than he thought thanks to the SEO Challenge.

Jackson was able to achieve his goal moving from working in sales to becoming an SEO manager with confidence thanks to the SEO Challenge.
He is a remote SEO manager and could achieve the work-life balance he was looking for. As a father of two and soon-to-be of three, another goal was to find a remote position so he could spend more time with his children.

Jackson Anderson headshot

Jackson Anderson

SEO Manager, Next&Co

I was able to move from a sales background to becoming an SEO manager so quickly thanks to the SEO Challenge course. If you are looking to invest in yourself, go for it.
Kristina has such a good reputation, is very well known in the SEO world, and this isn’t for nothing! The course feels much more personal with Kristina’s touch and energy. She uses real-life examples, she worked so hard to be where she is and she is now giving back. I am very grateful, thank you Kristina.

Jackson’s path to success!

SEO Challenge

Jackson’s background is in affiliate marketing and sales with over 10 years of experience. Before joining the SEO Challenge course, he was in a sales role working for a company providing SEO services to clients. Jackson was able to touch on basic SEO basics and realized that the more he got into SEO, the more he liked it. He wanted to learn more about it, get hands-on experience and ultimately find a full-time SEO position.

Jackson being a father expecting his third child, finding a remote opportunity was also key to him as he could save commute time and spend more time with his children. 

He started building an SEO network and finding online resources to learn SEO by himself. However, resources were limited and he wanted to learn as much as he could so he could make the move to getting a remote full-time SEO position as soon as he could.

SEO Challenge

Jackson learned so much thanks to the SEO Challenge course. It allowed him to fill all SEO knowledge gaps, especially in technical SEO. This is actually the part he loved the most.

Even though he is a father with a full-time job, he felt very comfortable during the course as it was flexible, very well-structured, filled with real-life examples and enhanced by Kristina’s energy and bubbly personality.

Jackson feels that he completely levelled up his SEO skills. It was also very reassuring for him to know that some basic knowledge he had was validated by the course. This allowed him to walk into an SEO job interview for a very great remote opportunity sooner than expected with confidence.

Thanks to what he learned during the course, Jackson was able to apply his learnings immediately and impress the hiring manager. He even got the job and became a remote SEO Manager with a great work-life balance.

Jackson Anderson headshot

If you are serious about getting into the SEO world or levelling up your skills, this course is made for you. Looking at tuition fees, the cost of the course is more than fair. When I look at the outcome, I feel more than grateful.

I really enjoyed the community and live calls, everyone is so helpful, same goes for all the templates and resources that you can reference later.

Jackson Anderson, SEO Manager

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Helen Jelenc Headshot

Helen Jelenc


The SEO Challenge course changed my life, from acquiring new clients, speaking at an SEO conference to launching my agency. I am now able to take those steps, talk about SEO to non-SEO persons with empowerment, I just go for it.

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Oleksandra Lazarchuk

Account and Project Manager

The energy is empowering that Kristina’s is bringing in, maybe doesn’t give you 100% confidence. But it gives you hints on how you should think and which direction you should go. And that’s really great. She really supports you with a lot of answers