Incredible results for Marco after the SEO Challenge

Marco is now able to successfully offer SEO services through his own agency.

Marco started offering SEO services and he also acquired new SEO clients thanks to the SEO Challenge course.
The course made Marco so passionate about SEO that he is hiring an advertising specialist so that Marco can focus solely on SEO for his clients.

Marco Sano headshot

Marco Sano

Owner of Agencia Exito

I loved the SEO Challenge course, I learned so much. I gained a lot of confidence and was able to expand my agency by acquiring new SEO clients. I could not have done this without Kristina.
I live in Brazil so I had to pay in Brazilian real and still, the cost is totally worth it. The course is very practical, deep and to the point.

Marco’s path to success!

SEO Challenge

Marco’s background is in project management in the luxury retail industry. Four years ago, he wanted a change and moved to the digital world.

One year ago he started his own business offering digital paid advertising to his clients. At that time he wanted to also offer SEO services and started learning it. However, he wasn’t confident in his new skills. He didn’t know which process to follow or what tools to use. He found some resources online but they weren’t helpful or practical.

He wanted to learn more about SEO and to understand how it really works. Before starting the course, he was very anxious as he didn’t know what to expect.

SEO Challenge

After taking the SEO Challenge course, Marco built that SEO knowledge he was looking for. He went from being completely lost in technical SEO to feeling proud to have learned and implemented so much.

Thanks to the course, he is now able to offer SEO services within his own agency. He can offer this sought after digital combination a lot of businesses are looking for: SEO and digital advertising. 

Marco also built that confidence he was lacking and acquired new SEO clients after completing the course. He is also in the process of hiring someone to handle the paid advertising so he can only focus on what he really loves: SEO.

He is applying learnings gained from the course everyday and continues to expand his agency.

Marco’s Results

Google search console results after taking the SEO Challenge

“After applying all the SEO learning, my website got significant improvements in terms of accessibility, best practices and SEO.”

Marco Sano

Marco Sano headshot

Even working full time and handling different projects at the same time, the SEO Challenge course still remains very flexible. I can’t thank Kristina enough for all her help.

Marco Sano, Owner

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Other SEO Challenge Success Stories

Helen Jelenc Headshot

Helen Jelenc


The SEO Challenge course changed my life, from acquiring new clients, speaking at an SEO conference to launching my agency. I am now able to take those steps, talk about SEO to non-SEO persons with empowerment, I just go for it.

Oleksandra's headshot

Oleksandra Lazarchuk

Account and Project Manager

The energy is empowering that Kristina’s is bringing in, maybe doesn’t give you 100% confidence. But it gives you hints on how you should think and which direction you should go. And that’s really great. She really supports you with a lot of answers