Incredible success for Mike McPeak after the SEO Challenge

Mike has the confidence to take the lead as an SEO professional in his career!

Mike wanted to support his employer’s future goals of bringing SEO in-house when joining the SEO Challenge. The course gave him the hands-on experience he needed to showcase his skills and abilities with confidence. Being able to interact and support other members within his cohort with real-life SEO problems ultimately left any imposter syndrome Mike had felt in the past behind!

SEO Challenge student – Mike McPeak

Mike McPeak

Mike McPeak, Performance Marketing Director, Hale Trailer Brake and Wheel



It was real-world examples that Kristina presented. As well as my cohort in the Slack channel, they would come in and ask questions about their businesses and what they were trying to accomplish. Having that community was huge, not only a confidence booster for me when I’m able to answer a question but also knowing the challenges they were having. And them saying, “Hey, this is something you may see out in the real world that you wouldn’t think of beforehand.” This was one of the things I liked most about the SEO Challenge.

Mike’s path to success

SEO Challenge

Seeing his marketing department grow, he wanted to learn as much as possible:

His company currently works with an SEO agency and has slowly transitioned to be fully digital in his department. Supporting his team and the SEO agency with SEO skills that he taught himself, Mike wanted to dive deeper into complex SEO aspects. Mike felt like the middleman between the SEO agency and the web developers. He wanted to have the hands-on experience to navigate these complicated SEO skills and understand what was happening on the other side. 

SEO Challenge

Mike’s employer will eventually move SEO in-house from an agency as now the company trusts Mike to help them make this transition. 

Mike has been successfully implementing the knowledge he learned in the SEO Challenge at his job. He recently found that a new section of the company’s website was not added to the sitemap and thus had indexing issues. Mike felt 100% confident to resolve this. The fix helped increase rankings, and they’ve started to see growth in the total number of impressions and keywords they were ranking for on those pages. 

Having the hands-on knowledge to execute SEO processes along the way benefits the company now and in the future and also makes Mike a more valuable employee. 

I would definitely recommend the challenge. It is comprehensive in the overarching SEO knowledge of what you need to know. Kristina starts the course with how to start your own website and takes you through that steps completely. Which is the main part I needed to know. Then you’ll get into the real weeds of it, the actual SEO portion, the title SEO and keyword research and content production. And beyond that into the bigger industry skills. The course is designed for anybody to take as a beginner or someone who is experienced.

Mike McPeak, Performance Marketing Director

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Other SEO Challenge Success Stories

Tanya Vyonh

Junior SEO specialist

All the processes, tools, checklists and templates are gems! They are the ones that I’ve been using at work after completing the course. Kristina is AMAZING – she is a respected expert in the SEO field, and she came from a teaching background. 

Carmen Dominguez

International Digital Marketing in Search Laboratory

If you do it the way Kristina guides you in the course, it will be intense, but you learned a lot. And you’ll be able to look at SEO from a different perspective; I think I managed to see it with different eyes.