Remarkable results for Oleksandra Lazarchuk after the SEO Challenge

Oleksandra is launching a NEW website using what she learned from the SEO Challenge! 

Oleksandra is an Account Project Manager who joined the SEO Challenge to receive the guidance needed to manage her employer’s new website build. After the course, she now feels empowered to make SEO decisions and can use what she has learned to prepare her team for a successful website launch while also having more confidence!

Oleksandra Lazarchuk

 Account and Project Manager, Users Digital


Hamburg, Germany

The energy is empowering that Kristina’s is bringing in, maybe doesn’t give you 100% confidence. But it gives you hints on how you should think and which direction you should go. And that’s really great. She really supports you with a lot of answers

Oleksandra’s path to success

SEO Challenge

Before the SEO Challenge, Oleksandra was a self-learner and built her knowledge at conferences, webinars and by following industry leaders.

With her experience and current SEO skills, Oleksandra landed a job as an Account Project Manager for a user acquisition company. 

She was looking forward to honing in on her passion for SEO because her job would be to make the BIG decisions when it came to which SEO direction they should go. The company decided to build a new cashback website from scratch, and Oleksandra would be taking on the major responsibility of managing the project’s SEO. 

Even though Oleksandra had experience in SEO, she still felt lost on how to organize and structure her knowledge. She wanted to fill in the gaps on how aspects of SEO work as a whole to prepare for the launch and make the best choices in SEO situations. 

SEO Challenge

Since joining the SEO Challenge Oleksandra crushed her goal of organizing and linking her knowledge to better understand the big picture of SEO structure. She has been able to develop her own SEO strategies.

And now has applied the technical SEO and keyword research that she learned in the course to help her team build a user and search-engine friendly website. She has also supported and trained her colleagues with the SEO elements they needed using tips and knowledge from the SEO Challenge.

Oleksandra has the boost of confidence needed to match her skill set and is looking forward to continuing to master her craft in SEO and for a successful website launch!

To all self-learners and beginners addressed! Take all your doubts aside and get yourself signed up for the course. It’s just amazing! Kristina created a great curriculum that covers many topics, and it’s not just about presenting you the information as it usually is with online courses. This challenge connects the dots you already have created for yourself, it fills out the gaps, it makes you understand things on the real-world examples and then gives you an opportunity to practice right away. Sounds like a good course already, right? But that’s not it, on top of it, you become a member of the growing SEO community with people from all over the world. You meet them on live calls, you get to chat together in the Slack channel, you also learn from other people’s experiences and get motivated. I think SEO Challenge really empowered me, I knew answers to a lot more questions when got to launching our cashback website, I felt more confident in the keyword research and got to explain the importance of some SEO topics to the developers. There is still a long learning path in front of me, and I know that even now after the challenge is over, I remain a member of the community, where I can join the discussions and ask questions. It’s not an ordinary course, it’s a long-term investment and valuable relationship. I’m happy I got to be a part of it!

Oleksandra Lazarchuk,  Account and Project Manager at Users Digital

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Other SEO Challenge Success Stories

Mike McPeak

Performance Marketing Director

It was real-world examples that Kristina presented. As well as my cohort in the Slack channel, they would come in and ask questions about their businesses and what they were trying to accomplish. Having that community was huge.

Carmen Dominguez

International Digital Marketing in Search Laboratory

If you do it the way Kristina guides you in the course, it will be intense, but you learned a lot. And you’ll be able to look at SEO from a different perspective; I think I managed to see it with different eyes.