45-day SEO Challenge course by Kristina Azarenko

The Only Course You Need to Learn The Ins and Outs of SEO

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    18 hours of value-packed videos • 13 modules • 45-day learning plan • 4 live calls

    Does this sound familiar:

    • You’re just starting with SEO and you need a clear path or checklist that will save you hours of digging through forums and blogs
    • You’ve been doing SEO for a while but want to level up and get the right processes in place
    • You’ve already been through multiple SEO courses, and understand SEO but you still feel that SEO gurus hide ‘secrets’ from you and never give you the exact steps to SEO success
    • You wander through FB groups, Reddit, thread after thread to find the SEO answers for hours… but you end up even more confused than at the beginning
    • You feel helpless after every Google update as you see your client’s websites go down
    • You want to get your hands on technical SEO and be comfortable looking at the page source code

    Oh I feel you! There’s SO MUCH information and misinformation out there! The misinformation that can ruin any website.
    I used to reply to misleading posts, argue in comments. Then I stopped.

    Instead, I created the best resource out there so that people who are ready to learn no-BS SEO, can come and learn.

    Sounds like you?

    This is not your usual theoretical super basic SEO course which tells you some ‘whats’ but never goes into the ‘hows’. Forget this BS, the SEO Challenge is completely different. It will make you a real SEO professional.

    Things you’ll learn and will be able to do after this 45-day SEO Challenge Course

    • Optimize any website for search engines and find ways to define problems with optimization
    • You’ll get the right MINDSET which will help you succeed in the SEO career
    • Talk and do Technical SEO like a pro
    • Optimize websites properly so that you won’t be afraid of Google algorithm updates
    • Get real results for your employer and clients
    • Earn more as you will add SEO to your services
    • You’ll learn how to borrow your competitors’ traffic… without returning it
    • How exactly use keywords in the content so that it doesn’t look spammy
    • KPIs you should optimize for and report on
    • … and more!

    I took Kristina’s course to acquire SEO skills.
    Signing up for this SEO challenge, I didn’t expect I would learn so much. During the course Kristina makes sure that you practice what you learn right away: she provides tons of videos, examples and homework. I hope Kristina will launch another even more advanced SEO course, I’d be happy to take it.

    Alyona Kalachova, Marketing Specialist

    This SEO Challenge Course is Perfect For

    Beginner SEOs

    Save yourself years of ‘figuring out’ SEO concepts. Get hired by your dream company.

    Experienced SEOs

    Fill in your knowledge gaps.
    Increase confidence in your SEO knowledge.


    Get a promotion or a specialization. Become a trusted SEO adviser in your organization.

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