Meet the students who have already experienced the SEO Challenge transformation!

 Are you ready to become an SEO Challenge success story?

Carmen Dominguez

International Digital Marketing, Search Laboratory

The course gave Carmen the confidence boost she needed to execute strategies and SEO processes in her agency position. Carmen took what she learned in the challenge and was able to apply it to her employer’s e-commerce clients, which she wouldn’t have been able to do confidently without the SEO Challenge. Carmen is excited to start her new high-level position in International SEO E-commerce.

Mike McPeak

Performance Marketing Director, Hale Trailer Brake and Wheel

Mike wanted to support his employer’s future goals of bringing SEO in-house when joining the SEO Challenge. The course gave him the hands-on experience he needed to showcase his skills and abilities with confidence. Being able to interact and support other members within his cohort with real-life SEO problems ultimately left any imposter syndrome Mike had felt in the past behind!

Oleksandra Lazarchuk

 Account and Project Manager, Users Digital

Oleksandra is an Account Project Manager who joined the SEO Challenge to receive the guidance needed to manage her employer’s new website build. After the course, she now feels empowered to make SEO decisions and can use what she has learned to prepare her team for a successful website launch while also having more confidence!

Tanya Vyonh

SEO Specialist, Delta Growth

Technical SEO was one of the reasons Tanya enrolled in the course. Her learning experience was top-notch compared to SEO courses on other online platforms. The challenge gave her the skill to succeed and go beyond expectations in her position!

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