Inspiring transformation for Tanya after the SEO Challenge

Tanya became one of the most valuable employees at the SEO agency she works at!

Technical SEO was one of the reasons Tanya enrolled in the course. Her learning experience was top-notch compared to SEO courses on other online platforms. The challenge gave her the skill to succeed and go beyond expectations in her position!

Tanya Vyonh

SEO specialist, Delta Growth

All the processes, tools, checklists and templates are gems! They are the ones that I’ve been using at work after completing the course. Kristina is AMAZING – she is a respected expert in the SEO field, and she came from a teaching background. A combination of these qualities ensures that you’ll be able to understand even complex technical concepts. Moreover, Kristina always pours her heart and soul in everything she does so you don’t even have to question the value of this course, it’s the best one you can find on the market as of now.

Tanya’s journey to success

SEO Challenge

When Tanya joined the SEO Challenge she just got a job at a marketing agency and she was very nervous about all the tasks.

She was just starting in SEO and was afraid that her lack of knowledge will not let her to successfully pass the probation period. 

SEO Challenge

Tanya did not only passed the probation period, but she also became one of the most valuable employees at the agency.

After the course, Tanya had a much better understanding of SEO in general and its technical aspects in particular. She was able to conduct SEO audits for multiple clients – small businesses and enterprises – and received positive feedback from her employer and clients!

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who looks forward to starting their career in SEO or junior SEO specialists, like me, who have some knowledge about SEO but want to level-up their skills.

Tanya Vyonh, Junior SEO Specialist

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Other SEO Challenge Success Stories

Mike McPeak

Performance Marketing Director

It was real-world examples that Kristina presented. As well as my cohort in the Slack channel, they would come in and ask questions about their businesses and what they were trying to accomplish. Having that community was huge, not only a confidence booster for me when I’m able to answer a question.

Carmen Dominguez

International Digital Marketing in Search Laboratory

If you do it the way Kristina guides you in the course, it will be intense, but you learned a lot. And you’ll be able to look at SEO from a different perspective; I think I managed to see it with different eyes. It was intense, but it was also super valuable and is worth the money.