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SEO Challenger - Louise Gorman

From the first lessons, I have been applying what I have learned in some clients’ sites and the results have been amazing.

— Roberto Carlos Cruz

Working through an actual course with HOMEWORK really helped me do a better job of organizing my knowledge and better understanding it in a way that I can implement it.

— John Wierenga

The SEO Challenge course changed my life, from acquiring new clients, speaking at an SEO conference to launching my agency. I am now able to take those steps, talk about SEO to non-SEO persons with empowerment, I just go for it.

— Helene Jelenc

The way you outline the course is the key and best path to learning, in my opinion. I’ve taken other courses that are difficult to follow up because of how they are organized. I’m a process-oriented guy, I’m very organized, and when I started watching the course, I knew I could be able to learn the way I wanted.

— Manuel Gomez

The SEO challenge helped me to get a full picture of the technical SEO landscape and how to integrate all aspects of SEO into the products I am working for/on.

— Andreas Brodmann

The course has given me the confidence to take on my first eCommerce client and whilst I’m still learning & have yet to implement a lot of what I learned (re schema & UTM tracking) I know it’s just the start because I know I will be providing massive value! Thanks, Kristina!

— Vicky Trainor